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Capital Aircraft Services is excited to represent uAvionix as the exclusive reseller in Australia.

Capital Aircraft Services does more than just resell.  As avionics specialists in the region for over 25 years, our industry expertise and network are paving the way for acceptance of uAvionix products by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).  Our partnership with uAvionix has assisted technical development of products to ensure the outputs generated are acceptable to Air Services Australia (ASA). As an active member of the CASA Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) standards sub-committee, Capital Aircraft Services is able to assure the end user that  uAvionix products deployed in our region meet standards imposed by ASA and the CASA.


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Air Services Australia currently have no specific regulations or recognise any foreign regulations that allow the fitment of an Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast transmitting device to remotely piloted aircraft or air side ground support vehicle.

Capital Aircraft Services and uAvionix have recently conducted joint testing exercises with Air Services Australia to assist in regulation development and prove the range of uAvionix ADSB transmitting devices as acceptable for use in Australia.  Official reports are due out soon with early indications looking promising. If the results are acceptable the ping20S, Vektor and FYXNAV  should be available for use in the region by mid-July 2017.

ping20S installed to light aircraft in accordance with engineering order for testing with Air Services Australia


Aircraft transponder antenna provided data by ping20S

Test flight one output received by Air Services Australia



Vektor VTT

Vektor surface vehicle testing with Air Services Australia

In the meantime…..

We are developing an online store that will be launched to coincide with the completion of testing. We know you are eager to get your hands on the uAvionix ADS-B transmitting devices but we must complete this milestone in order to guarantee a product that is compatible with receivers operated by Air Services Australia.

Once the products have been released into the Australian market, Capital Aircraft Services will offer initial programming and recurrent testing of uAvionix devices to ensure calibration standards are maintained. Factory backed technical support and aviation regulatory expertise will ensure the right advice when making your choice of product.

Right now…..

ADS-B receivers do not need CASA or ASA approval and are available for purchase. uAvionix has developed a number of receivers that operate across various platforms.  These products include the pingStation, pingBuddy, pingEFB and pingUSB.