As an Airline you need dependable service providers who understand your business requirements. Capital Aircraft Services has over 30 years of experience in Airline maintenance and operations of all types and sizes.

We understand services provided to Airlines need to be of a time critical and cost driven nature while at the same time ensuring the best solution is selected and implemented to the highest standard.

Our Airline aircraft type experience is extensive encompassing major manufacturers – Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, SAAB, BAE and Fokker.

Our promise is simple. We will develop the most capable, cost effective solution for your mission and deliver it right first time, on time.


Corporate client needs are unique.  Flying around the globe relying on a limited number of engineering personnel is prone to Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) situations.  Whilst we haven’t yet designed a time machine to deliver our product and services yesterday, we do offer a 24/7 service enabling access to our Vendor Partners’ AOG services to get ‘the boss’  where they need to be as soon as possible.

As for our design, supply and certification of modifications – we will develop the most capable, cost effective solution for your mission and deliver it on time with your selected maintenance provider regardless of location.

“We have  entrusted Capital Aircraft Services with our avionic needs for almost 10 years. We have witnessed a transformation from an excellent general aviation provider to a first class, all encompassing, one stop shop. Being across many vendors on many platforms gives Capital Aircraft Services the experience and knowledge, without bias, that we need at a high end. Very few companies can offer that!”

Clay Barber

Head of Maintenance - Aviation, Consolidated Press Holdings Pty Limited


Our experience in special mission aircraft has resulted in hundreds of modifications.  These modifications demand complex mechanical and avionic design and integration – some requiring consistent reversal to accommodate variation in operating category.  Details of course are classified.  However, we can share sufficient information to authentic clients that proves very compelling.

In addition to modification services, Capital Aircraft Services continues to advise and supply Australian and International Defense Organisations and their contract partners.

So no matter what your mission, if you need a solution from a team with runs on the board – look no further.


The Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) community in Australia is expanding rapidly. As a result, aviation regulators and air service providers are prioritising development of legislation to minimise the risk of airborne collision between RPA and manned aircraft . Air Services Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority have welcomed contributions  by Capital Aircraft Services as avionic experts and the  exclusive uAvionix representative within Australia..

uAvionix is a market leader in RPA and surface movement vehicle transponders, receivers and GPS source equipment. Joint testing led by Capital Aircraft Services will assure RPA operators that uAvionix products deployed in our region meet future standards created by ASA and CASA.

Subsequent to product release, Capital Aircraft Services will offer initial programming, calibration testing and servicing to ensure ongoing compliance of uAvionix equipment.  Keep up to date with developments.


Are you an aviation engineering design organisation?  Chances are you struggle to find integration partners that understand the complexities surrounding aircraft modifications.  Capital Aircraft Services offers a holistic solution encompassing the EIGHT QUESTIONS TO IDENTIFY THE POSSIBILITIES.

We hold dealerships for the vast majority of avionic Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) worldwide.  Our relationships with the many manufacturers has been built over decades effecting a high standard of product knowledge and direct access to the OEM technical gurus.

We collaborate with numerous design organisations to deliver CASA, EASA and FAA certified projects.

We pride ourselves on client confidentiality, honesty and trust. 

Need an integration partner?  ENQUIRE NOW


Capital Aircraft Services began operating in 1994 to support the General Aviation (GA) sector.  Decades of prior airline experience has brought procedural and quality standards to match which we apply consistently across all market segments. Our GA clients enjoy the same standard as our airline clientele, albeit at a GA price.

If you have an eye for quality, want your pride and joy treated well and your family safe – insist on airline quality standards.


Just like the heading says, we are partners with all of our vendors. We work hard to achieve extraordinary results for our vendors that quite often surprise.

If you are an aviation manufacturer that has a special product/s and you would like to engage a channel to market partner that won’t sit on their hands then we could be a match made in heaven.

We do warn that for us to sell any product on your behalf we must trust you, your products and your support.  We will not start anything we cannot finish as our clients do not deserve that.

If you believe our partnership could be a win for you, a win for our clients and a win for us then ENQUIRE NOW.