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Whether you’re resolving aircraft maintenance issues caused by obsolete equipment, changing mission needs or evolving regulatory requirements, Capital Aircraft Services has the right people with the experience and knowledge to lead you through the most difficult aircraft system integration projects, on time and on budget. We’ve delivered hundreds of Part 25 and 23 integrations and modifications solutions for our customers over the past 22 years.

8 QUESTIONS –  identify the possibilities for your aircraft


What is your modification motivator?

Understanding the reason why you require a modification is our first essential step. It may be improved capability, a regulatory mandate or obsolete equipment. With this knowledge Capital Aircraft Services becomes your partner to discover the best solution.


Are there any additional benefits that may be fulfilled concurrently within budget?

Our knowledge of regulations and products ensures the proposed modification will encompass all available benefits.


What products are available to meet the identified requirement?

As a dealer for world renowned avionic manufacturers worldwide, Capital Aircraft Services offers unbiased product advice that best meets the requirement whilst considering budget and additional advantages.


Which design organisation should be engaged?

This is a critical part of the puzzle.  Capital Aircraft Services will work with the most suitable design organisation to coordinate the project.  Prior to selecting a design team, considerations must include basis of certification, area of expertise and track record as a minimum.  Some operators may prefer to engage their own in-house designers.


Who will provide integration management?

Integration management brings all the puzzle pieces together.  As your project partner and central puzzle piece, Capital Aircraft Services has the big picture but with the detail.  Our project managers ensure compliance, schedule, realisation of all product benefits and budget considerations remain priorities throughout the integration phase.


Who will carry out the installation?

We can support you in numerous ways.  Capital Aircraft Services is able to provide engineering personnel or manage a team of engineers already engaged by the operator.  If you are modifying more than one aircraft an alternative option offers a higher level of support for the initial installation.


How will the modification be certified so there are no hold ups before return to service?

Additional to the certification basis examined by question four, our goal here is to define concise design requirements for the project certification plan.  A compliance matrix is utilised to ensure projects are quickly and efficiently certified.


What else is required to provide on-going support of the modification?

Technical training, post modification maintenance manuals, wiring manuals, illustrated parts manuals, service bulletin updates, flight manual supplements are just some documents we supply to support the modification.  Where Capital Aircraft Services has supplied the product, we will continue our product support to ensure successful return to service.  We will manage any product deficiencies on your behalf with the respective manufacturer to ensure a win-win outcome for all.

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This is where we start to uncover the possibilities.  Questions one and two of the 8 QUESTIONS TO IDENTIFY THE POSSIBILITIES are addressed so we may gain a comprehensive understanding of your mission.

Almost certainly every mission is unique.  Aircraft type, the requirement to be fulfilled, budget, national regulator, certification basis and client engineering capability are just some of the criteria to be considered.

With your mission understood, we then identify product options allowing a concept design to proceed.

Selection of the right design organisation can be tricky.  Factors to consider include the basis of certification – Federal Aviation Administration or European Aviation Safety Administration, supplemental type certificate or engineering order, country of aircraft registration, the area of expertise – airframe or avionic or both, heavy aircraft or general aviation, end of use agreement –  just to name a few.

Evolution of your design continues throughout the modification process.  Our on-site project manager is able to respond promptly to any issue necessitating a design review.

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Now we understand your mission, we can identify suitable products.  Question three of the 8 QUESTIONS TO IDENTIFY THE POSSIBILITIES   is answered.

As a dealer for many high quality and world-renowned original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Capital Aircraft Services is able to offer unbiased advice on an extensive range of products.  This ensures product and product combinations are selected to best meet your requirements and budget constraints.

Product supply includes hardware, installation kits software and ongoing service agreements.  All products are accompanied by certification acceptable to commercial and defence projects.

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Question five of the 8 QUESTIONS TO IDENTIFY THE POSSIBILITIES  – Who will provide integration management?

Given the significant cost and time associated with aircraft modernisation projects, your choice of systems integrator is critical to ensure project success.  Capital Aircraft Services understands the challenges involved.

Whether we or your everyday maintenance provider install the equipment, Capital Aircraft Services is available to manage your integration.  As your project partner, we will do all in our power to ensure program milestones are met, total design benefits are achieved, contract requirements are satisfied and regulatory issues are fully compliant.

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Capital Aircraft Services offers as much assistance as necessary for a successful outcome.  Our experienced installation personnel are available to carry out your modification as coordinated by the project manager.

The professional working relationship between engineers and the project manager supports on-time return to service and immediate response to any unforeseen issue.




The modification puzzle is all coming together.  Having defined a concise certification plan in the design phase, the Capital Aircraft Services project manager ensures the design team is on track to deliver the certified modification package.  We can also assist in the provision of type rated personnel to ensure stage maintenance and the final embodiment is certified by experienced installation personnel. The final certification should be a mere formality.


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Capital Aircraft Services offers return to service product and technical support.  We manage and work to resolve any product deficiencies on your behalf with the respective manufacturer to ensure a win-win outcome for all.

Depending on the type of modification, technical support may include training, post modification maintenance manual supplements developed to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) format, service bulletin updates, and flight manual supplements.