Make your mission fly. We unravel avionic complexities so you can reach your mission target.

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  • Taking you from complexity to mission possible.

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  • Mission

    First, we listen to gain a deep understanding of your mission. This helps us define parameters and identify opportunities.

  • Design

    Next, our design engineers collaborate with your system users and technical team to tailor a solution for your airborne platform and land-based network.

  • Manufacture

    When we're sure the design meets all apparent criteria, primary units are acquired, custom-made components manufactured and ground-based systems programmed.

  • Modify

    With your aircraft secured in the hangar, our engineers integrate your customised components.

  • Manage

    Optional services are offered to evolve your avionic system to meet future demands of your mission and connectivity requirements.

  • Monitor

    We will observe as permitted and tweak if required to ensure a positive user experience.

  • Launch

    Your end users and technical support staff are introduced to new system functionality.

  • Certify

    After installation and successful testing, all aspects of the modification are certified in accordance with the pathway identified during the mission stage.

Ponder the pathway to your airborne possibilities

What is your avionic modification motivator?

Understanding the reason why you require an avionic modification is our first essential step. It may be enhanced capability, regulatory mandate or obsolete equipment. With this knowledge we become your partner to discover the best solution.

Can additional benefits be fulfilled concurrently within budget?

Our knowledge of regulations and product capability ensures your proposal encompasses all available benefits.

What products are available to reach mission targets?

We offer unbiased product advice that will best meet your mission requirements with budget and additional system benefits in mind.

Which design organisation should be engaged?

Selection of the most appropriate design organisation is critical and must consider the basis of certification, area of expertise and track record as a minimum. You may prefer to engage your own in-house design engineers.

Who will provide integration management?

The project manager will have the big picture whilst understanding the detail. They will manage compliance, schedule, realisation of planned benefits and budget considerations during the integration phase.

Who will carry out the physical installation?

Our flexibility is governed by your needs. We can conduct the installation in its entirety, provide engineering personnel or manage your team of engineers. If you are modifying a fleet of aircraft, a higher level of support may be provided for the initial installation.

How will the modification be certified to ensure no hold ups upon return to service?

Additional to the certification basis, our goal here is to define concise design requirements for your project certification plan. A compliance matrix is utilised to ensure your project is quickly and efficiently certified.

What else is required to support the modification in service?

You are not on your own. Support offerings will vary depending on the type of modification provided but either way, our values demand a win-win outcome for all parties involved.