First we drill down into your airborne mission with you so we can understand its goals. This helps us define parameters and identify opportunities.


  • Discovery Sessions
  • Desktop Research
  • Opportunity Identification

Why do we do this?

  • Create shared understanding
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Establish possibilities

Why is this step so important?

  • Analyse system integration, lowering risk
  • Clarify expectations, avoiding disappointment


Next, our design engineers work with your system users and technical team to tailor a solution.


  • Data Assessment
  • Establish Certification Pathway
  • System Solution Selection
  • Engineering Drawings


When we're sure the design meets all apparent criteria, we'll assemble essential components and manufacture one-off production pieces. We stay ahead of the curve, preparing early so we can deliver on time and address anything untoward.


  • Acquire Product
  • Build Custom Components
  • Build and Configure Software

Why do we manufacture at this stage?

  • Assure product lead time
  • Anticipate challenges
  • Early user engagement


With aircraft secured, we'll integrate your system components into something that will transform your operational capability.


  • Facility & Personnel Induction
  • Aircraft Acceptance
  • Hands on Integration
  • System Testing

Certify & Launch

Next, we'll complete a final inspection to ensure compliance. We'll familiarise end users with system functionality and engineering team with continuing airworthiness criteria to ensure a seamless debut.


  • Airworthiness Certification
  • System Handover
  • Aircraft Release

Why are you so involved?

  • Exploit system functionality
  • Expedite return to service
  • Forecast maintenance

Why is this so important?

  • Positive user experience
  • Quick resolution
  • Avoid downtime


We'll observe as permitted and refine the solution so we know your system is maximising it's potential.


  • Data Monitoring
  • User Feedback
  • Feature Refinement
  • Remote Support
  • Post-implementation Review